Control of fabric

If you are new to sewing this can be a little daunting but not for long!
  1. It is very important to keep the raw edges together at all times whilst matching the stitch lines at the beginning and end of the seam.
  2. Use pins at right angle to the raw edge of the fabric. It is easy to pull them out as you approach them. (Sewing over pins will blunt or break the needle.)
  3. Keep the bulk of the garment/fabric to the left of the needle.
  4. Use your left hand to smooth the fabric away from the needle.
  5. Use your right hand to guide the fabric towards the needle. Take care not to allow the layers of material to wobble.
  6. Never grab or pull the fabric towards you. 
  7. Use your foot to control the speed of the machine and keep your fingers a safe distance away from the needle.
If you are really nervous, sew without thread for a few times to get the feel of the machine.

Producing/Demonstrating: Claudette Davis-Bonnick
Filming: Nick Sargent
Editing: Nick Sargent Stills: Nick Sargent, Junior Bonnick
Thanks to: Oliver Furlong, Media Services, CLIP CETL "Making a Difference" funding at the London College of Fashion

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