How to make a Narrow Hem

This narrow hem is suitable for most fabric types, weight and garment finishes.   It is also useful on bias and full circle garments.  The same method can be applied to produce a wide hem.  However, the wide hem is not suitable for circle or shaped hemlines.
  1. Turn up a narrow fold (approximately 3mm) to the wrong side of the fabric/garment.
  2. Turn up a second fold of 4mm (or wider if desired) to the wrong side of the fabric/garment.  Edge stitch to secure the fold. Hem is now completed.
  3. Take care to be consistent with the stitching distance from the edge of the hem to create a uniformed and aesthetic appearance on the right side of the fabric/garment.
    Press all stages of construction for a smooth, professional finish

    Producing/Demonstrating: Claudette Davis-Bonnick
    Filming: Nick Sargent
    Editing: Nick Sargent
    Stills: Nick Sargent, Junior Bonnick
    Thanks to: Oliver Furlong, Media Services, CLIP CETL "Making a Difference" funding at the London College of Fashion

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