How to make a Welt Seam

This is a fairly strong functional seam and the top stitching (single or multiple rows) will add a decorative finish. Try experimenting with different types of threads for top stitching, e.g. satin thread.  This seam is suitable for medium to heavy weight fabrics and seam allowances may vary.

  1. Using a 1.5cm seam allowance, place right sides of fabrics together and stitch.
  2. Press seam flat on the wrong side to set the stitches and smooth out any seam pucker;  then press open; now press both layers of seam allowance to the desired side as for a closed seam. Trim away approx 7mm from the under layer of seam allowance and overlock or zig-zag the top layer of the seam allowance.
  3. Press the overlocked edge flat.
  4. From the Right side of the garment. top stitch to enclose the shorter seam allowance. The raw edge will now be concealed.
  5. Extra layers of topstitching may be added for a more decorative finish.
  6. Top press and underpress for a professional finish.
Only press the seam to avoid overpressing the entire garment.

    Producing/Demonstrating: Claudette Davis-Bonnick
    Filming: Nick Sargent
    Editing: Nick Sargent Stills: Nick Sargent, Junior Bonnick
    Thanks to: Oliver Furlong, Media Services, CLIP CETL "Making a Difference" funding at the London College of Fashion

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