How to make an open seam

This is the first of two videos demonstrating basic seams.
  1. An open seam is two pieces of fabric surged together and the seam allowances pressed open. This seam is a general purpose seam for all types of fabrics.
  2. The seam allowance (S.A.) is average between 6mm to 2cm depending on the placement on the garment or if a zipper was required.
  3. After stitching the seam, press the seam flat to set the stitches, then press the seams open on the wrong side, then turn over the seam and top press.

Producing/Demonstrating: Claudette Davis-Bonnick
Filming: Nick Sargent
Editing: Nick Sargent
Stills: Nick Sargent, Junior Bonnick
Thanks to: Oliver Furlong, Media Services, CLIP CETL "Making a Difference" funding at the London College of Fashion

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